Steve Brewer

International Training Director
Cabinet Office Emergency Planning Collage, United Kingdom

9:20 AM Silos & Silence: Integrating emergency response to improve response and recovery to critical incidents

  • Common patterns in disaster response and recovery
  • Understanding the nature of the emergency: causes and effects
  • Developing a sustainable framework to ensure efficiency in crisis management

9:50 AM Key leadership panel: Involving all key stakeholders in the actual emergency response planning:

  • Creating leadership accountability: Developing every single employee to be a capable and resilient incident commander
  • Rewards and recognition: Celebrating success with all stakeholders post a successful emergency response activity
  • How can future leaders be created?
  • How much have we leveraged technology to develop incident response mechanisms?

10:00 AM Special session on safety culture Panel discussion: Integrating risk management with a safety culture change

  • Managing harmful risks to people, equipment and environment
  • Integrating risk management practices to address equipment, management systems, safety culture and emergency response
  • Building theoretical accident models on root cause analysis

11:20 AM ERM Panel: Tolerate, treat and transfer journey to achieve strategic business objectives and improving crisis resilience

  • Tolerance: How can information management across data centers to help in risk analysis
  • Treat: Interfacing between ERM analysis with the safety culture across key departments
  • Transfer; Discussing insurance and an active ERM resilience strategy to mitigate enterprise risks

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Steve.

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