Daman Dev Sood

Continuity and Resilience

10:00 AM Crisis Management Simulation

The prime focus of crisis management and emergency response is on safety of people and assets. In this workshop we will be simulating a real-life scenario in the room. Participants in this interactive session react to crisis situations as they unfold. You’ll experience first-hand the challenges of emergency response and gain an appreciation of the critical need for proactive planning, exercising and maintenance. The exercise will help participants to ensure effective implementation back at their workplace.

The simulation exercise workshop will enable the participants to understand the ins and outs of handling a crisis within the energy industry. The programme will touch upon the critical elements of the BCM process which will include:

  1. Crisis management and emergency salvage and damage assessment
  2. Response recovery priorities
  3. Elements of crisis management learnings debrief
  4. Crisis planning exercise log
  5. Crisis management team coordinating with external agencies
  6. Roles and responsibilities
  7. Command Centre setup
  8. Team composition
  9. Crisis communications
  10. Simulation exercise and role play handling a press conference
  11. Evolution of a crisis scenario
  12. Recap and close

The workshop will cover major issues including how to:

  • Respond quickly to an incident
  • Understand the immediate tasks in handling an incident
  • Minimise risk to your company and resources when disaster strikes
  • Understand what it takes to set up and operate a command centre
  • Document, track, monitor and control events and actions taken
  • Effectively manage crisis communications with external and internal agencies, and the public
  • Familiarise and prepare staff to react quickly, decisively and appropriately
  • Gain the skills required to develop a detailed emergency response plan

Workshop leader:

10:30 AM Panel discussion: The next generation of crisis management and business continuity in the GCC

  • Identifying the capabilities needed by crisis staff and managers to better lead internal teams
  • Analyse the gap existing in today’s market to mitigate poor planning and handling of future crises
  • Ensuring the necessary stakeholders are involved in local risk management designs with a unified strategy for crises response

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Daman.

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