Crisis and Risk Management: Prevent, Protect, Respond and Recover

The importance of emergency preparedness as well as quickly responding to and recovering from a crisis cannot be underestimated. As energy companies’ move into more remote, hostile and challenging environments in their quest to expand their reserves of untapped resources, they are exposed to an ever increasing risk of emergencies occurring, and as such, must consider their crisis management strategy.

The 7th Annual Crisis & Risk Management Conference 2019 in Kuwait will focus on identifying & mitigating risks while managing costs & keeping up with increasing production demands. Organisations must focus on the key basic aspects - prevent, detect, respond and recover to overcome incidents, reduce downtimes and most importantly reduce losses and save lives.

Why Attend?

  1. Prepare your employees to be future crisis management leaders and incident commanders
  2. Bridge the gap between crisis planning and emergency management execution onsite
  3. Learn from other sectors like hospitals and aviation to replicate best practices
  4. Examine and understand aspects related to EPC contractor safety
  5. Develop a solid crisis communication and media management team
  6. Develop a strong proactive risk management strategy to mitigate enterprise risks

Who should attend?

Meet heads from the following disciplines:

  • Crisis and risk management
  • Fire & Security
  • Emergency response and oil spill
  • Mitigation, remediation and recovery
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Medical response and loss prevention
  • Planning and maintenance
  • Risk management

See what our past attendees had to say

Photos from our past editions: